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 Horace Finaly School  —  Economics and Society
Horace Finaly (1871-1945) [1]

Political and economical proposals about the possibility for creating money and community wealth for everybody.

Publications by Escola Finaly (Books and documents)

Collection Bullae

Plutarchy and Other Tales
Agustí Chalaux i de Subirà
Agusti Chalaux i de Subira.jpg

History of the social researcher Agustí Chalaux. His meetings with banker Horace Finaly.

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Horace Finaly
Alfred Colling
Horace Finaly 02.jpg

History of the banker Horace Finaly.

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The Earliest Precursor of Writing
Denise Schmandt-Besserat
Bulla small.jpg

Denise Schmand-Besserat advances the hypothesis that some simple figurines of clay represent the first currency of the history. That that currency is a «note», a «countable writing», a «settlement of newspaper», and that this opens step to the writing.

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An Instrument to Build Peace
Agustí Chalaux i de Subirà
An instrument peace.jpg

A text which proposes the use of modern technology to implant a universal electronic coinage which would favour world peace and tend to eliminate anonymous money. The connection between anonymous money and imperialism is also discussed.

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Essay on Currency, Market and Society
Magdalena Grau i Figueras - Agustí Chalaux i de Subirà
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A book in which a new economic and political model is proposed, based on a transparent and responsible market, the minimisation of power over individuals and the creation of a society with less misery and corruption.

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Autobiographical Notes
Agustí Chalaux i de Subirà
Agusti Chalaux i de Subira.jpg

History of the social researcher Agustí Chalaux. His meetings with banker Horace Finaly. Hopes and frustrations of idealistic militants. The quest for an economic system which is also scientific and rationilized.

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Telematic Currency and Market Strategy
Magdalena Grau i Figueras - Agustí Chalaux i de Subirà
Telematic currency.jpg

Small book where the monetary systems are studied along the history and the forecasts and consequences of the installation of the telematic currency of obligatory use.

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The Power of Money
Martí Olivella i Solé
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Book when it studies currency and money along the history and its transformations like basic elements for consecution of a more just society and with less corruption and poverty.

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A Short History of Money
Agustí Chalaux i de Subirà - Brauli Tamarit i Tamarit
Bulla small.jpg

A short text explaining the history of money. Originally, it was an instrument which aided commerce and favoured responsibility. Later, it changed, permitting corruption. In view of this, a money system using modern technology and which once again favours responsibility, is proposed.

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Communal Capitalism
Agustí Chalaux i de Subirà
Ferdinand Lassalle.jpg

An analysis based on the proposal made by Bismarck, Marx and Lasalle, to give a Basic Revenue to each person without a salary. Description of the people who would benefit from this revenue. A proposal of public funding expressed by Maurice Allais, Nobel Prize of Economy, which would allow the introduction of this Basic Revenue without having to resort to heavy tax systems.

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The History of Community Capitalism
Agustí Chalaux i de Subirà
Maurice Allais.jpg

Communication presented/displayed by Agustí Chalaux de Subirà Saturday, 17 of February of 2001, in the seat of the Randa Foundation, in where the history of Capitalism is explained comunitari, its disappearance in please the monopoly of deprived Capitalism, and a proposal of the Nobel prize de Economy of the 1988, Maurice Allais, who can make resurge it.

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Banque Paribas' History
Horace Finaly 02.jpg

Extracted from «Handbook on the History of European Banks» written by European Association for Banking History E.V.

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