Essay/Part IV. A work hypothesis on the market

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We have already pointed out several times during this essay that the pro-telematic cheque-invoice is the essential instrument to make possible the transformation of mercologics into an experimental «science», —since only through its means we may obtain a serious and thorough mercometrics—.

When the cheque-invoice will be introduced, it will be possible in the imperial community having done so to experimentally compare any working hypothesis or explanatory model on the market which may have been suggested.

In this Part Four we wish to promote a working hypothesis on the market, which will be easily comparable through the simple application of the pro-telematic cheque-invoice in any joint market whatsoever, and during a sufficient period of time —perhaps ten years?—.

We are very keen in testing this hypothesis, because, if it is confirmed it would give a great support to the feasibility of the whole social programme submitted in the Part Three: in fact, this hypothesis is concerned with the existence on the free market, of a commercial common good which could be easily shared, in the shape of currency, among all the members of the imperial community.