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Back Cover

The idea of currency as circulating information, and of the monetary system as an information system is not new, but we can affirm that little attention has been given to it, and that the consequences of this layout have not been driven to the end. Keeping in mind the great importance of information in our present time, we think that this omission is very serious: we need then check this matter in-depth. This will be the aim of this essay.

Even if we shall start with the study and analysis of the monetary systems, in order to submit an important reform, finally the most interesting to us are the social realities which may accrue from this reform. Our interest then is not so much based on mercologics as on sociology, and, still more, on political art.

Now, if the relationship between man and nature is to change its trend, going from the present possessive and destructive orientation to one of respect and admiration, a radical change of mind is necessary, and this takes time and cannot be decided by law. Here the libertarian social structures can help to accelerate the process. A clear and transparent society, monetarily responsible, with a lot of free time, with a production abundance and a great communal solidarity towards those who need it, is a society which does not put obstacles to ideas, to social experimentation, which does not condition minds but leaves them free and helps them in their initiatives and, therefore, fosters the social mutation and transformation.