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A short history of moneyAgustí Chalaux i de SubiràAn instrument to build peace
Autobiographical NotesBanque de Paris et des Pays-BasBullae
Communal capitalismDenise Schmandt-BesseratEssay
Essay/Back coverEssay/Chapter 1. The monetary systemsEssay/Chapter 10. Total society and its composition
Essay/Chapter 11. The social rule or archyEssay/Chapter 12. Monetary legislationEssay/Chapter 13. Imperialization of the telematic monetary network
Essay/Chapter 14. Sharing out of communal wealthEssay/Chapter 15. The productive-utilitarian societyEssay/Chapter 16. The liberal society
Essay/Chapter 17. The consumer-utilitarian societyEssay/Chapter 18. The libertarian utopiaEssay/Chapter 19. The transcendent society
Essay/Chapter 2. Monetary reality through historyEssay/Chapter 20. Wording of the hypothesisEssay/Chapter 21. Background and empirical confirmations
Essay/Chapter 22. Statement of the hypothesisEssay/Chapter 23. Possibilities in the case of hypothesis confirmationEssay/Chapter 3. Features of a «scientific» monetary system
Essay/Chapter 4. Cheque-invoiceEssay/Chapter 5. TelematicsEssay/Chapter 6. The justicial organ
Essay/Chapter 7. TaxationEssay/Chapter 8. All-accountancyEssay/Chapter 9. Mercometrics and mercologics
Essay/Foreword first editionEssay/Foreword second editionEssay/Part I. Towards a rational monetary system
Essay/Part II. Immediate possibilities of the monetary reformEssay/Part III. Foundations of a new, libertarian, social orderEssay/Part IV. A work hypothesis on the market
Essay/PresentationLinksMain Page
Plutarchy and other talesReckoning before writingThe earliest precursor of writing
The emergence of recordingThe history of community capitalismThe telematic currency: an instrument for peace - 2009
Two precursors of writing: plain and complex tokens
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